Care Instruction for Your Smart Watch Scrunchies Bands

Care Instruction for Your Smart Watch Scrunchies Bands

Please treat your scrunchie watch bands as an accessory. Different fabric material requires different care. 

If you purchased satin watch bands, please handle them with extra care as this fabric is very delicate. They snag easily when come in contact with sharp objects such as your nails, table tops, chair surface, rings, etc. 

  • Your band is washable but please only hand wash them. Watch how to wash your band here
  • Do not use your watch band as a hair scrunchies as it will stretch the bands and they will become loose on your wrist.
  • Do not wear your bands during intense exercises (in the gym, swimming, etc.)

If you have any issues with your band, do not hesitate to contact me. I will try my best to help you. 

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Hi Chrissey, do you have watch bands for Garmin watches?

Lisa Chalmers

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